About us

John Buckholz, DPM, FACFAS

Dr. John Buckholz holds an extensive resume in the podiatric specialty of foot and leg surgery, including associate hires during a 20 year experience in two successful private practices, the principal physician of a 7 member group practice, the Dean for Clinical Education and Director of the third largest foot clinic in the world, the experience of hiring clinicians and clinical professors as well as the selection of surgical residents for three separate hospital programs while Director of Podiatric Residencies. By the inherent need for excellence of physician selection, these experiences provided Dr. Buckholz with the vision for a company dedicated to the most reliable method to select a physician, nurse practitioner or physician assistant. By considerable research and development, Scilectics® was founded. Dr. Buckholz is certified as a Professional Physician Recruiter, a Behavioral Analyst, and Personnel Consultant.

Dr. Buckholz’s medical experience includes:

  • Professor of Podiatric Surgery , Academic Dean, and Vice President of Clinical Education, Pennsylvania College of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery in Philadelphia.
  • Founding surgeon for the Specialty Hospital in Denver, Colorado: Highlands Hospital.
  • Director of Podiatric Education and Residency Training : Highlands Hospital, St. Joseph’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Harrison Community (St. John’s) Hospital of Detroit.
  • AO Scholar to the University of Basel and Bern in Switzerland.
  • North American Scientific Chairman for Podiatric Surgery – the Swiss Association for Osteosynthesis.

Carrie Hartung, BSN, BS, RN

Carrie Hartung has an 23 year experience in both fields of psychology and psychiatry, providing her with practical knowledge and expertise applied to psychological assessment. Having a day to day, a 20 year experience as a clinical psychiatric nurse, her understanding for the use of normal behavioral and trait assessments is invaluable. Toward this endeavor, she has developed best practice models and employee development procedures for assessing healthcare professionals. She is also specialized in performance and quality assurance.

Ms. Hartung’s experience includes:

  • Valedictorian of the University of Arizona and Rhodes Scholar Finalist
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
  • Bachelor of Nursing Science
  • 20 years of psychiatric nursing specializing in abnormal behavioral assessment
  • Over 15 years experience as a manager and director of nursing and human resources

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