Scilectics® is NOT a typical physician recruitment or search firm. WE BEGIN WITH YOU! This means:

  • We customize our search to meet your needs.
  • Our direct, personalized services for finding the right associate
    matches your practice—much more than simply finding a
    credentialed candidate.
  • Our patent-pending process is “relationship-based” recruiting,
    designed to identify what the ideal match for your practice looks
    like and finding the right associate for that match.
  • Our system is the very best tool to help you realize the full
    potential of your practice.
  • Our method is designed to maximize retention, for we understand
    that effective recruitment is only as good as the results for long-term
  • Thus, our process is based on “mindful” recruiting and retention,
    centered on your practice.

Conventional recruiting firms follow a linear approach to recruiting.

  • The focus is on the candidate.
  • They rate the candidate through a traditional scoring system.
  • This is a one-dimensional, inaccurate, hit-or-miss approach,
    often based on chance and not on science.
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