Discovering the Ideal Associate Profile

    • Determining what is a “good fit” for your practice, an associate that will work well with your existing staff, become an active team member, and enjoys the community in which your practice exists. This is critically important, because the wrong fit means high turn over, lost income, and even possible law suits.


    • That is why Scilectics® begins with an extensive profile of your practice, and based on this profile, we identify candidates suitable for your practice. Our comprehensive surveys match you, your practice, and the right candidate.


  • Our Science of Selection process identifies behavioral attributes that accurately measure both your practice and those candidates that have the desired traits, temperament, and values. This scientific process takes the guess-work out of associate recruitment and gives us a benchmark model for selecting the right associate. Our process is unique, proprietary, and it works!


Discovering You and The Ideal Associate Profile

  • Your objectives
  • History of your practice
  • Philosophy of your practice
  • Structure of your practice
  • Functions of your team
  • Results and considerations
  • The profile of your ideal candidate
Research and Evaluate Candidates

  • Evaluation of resumes & references
  • First interviews by profile design
  • First and second computer assessments of attributes
  • Selection of candidates for an on-site visitation
  • Second interviews
  • Third set of computer assessments
  • Comprehensive background check
Final Decision

  • Select the candidate of choice
  • The contract process and negotiations
  • Physical examination and health evaluation
  • A practice-specific orientation program
  • A resurvey at 6 months
  • Improved results, closure & conclusion
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